Sinoboom GN4047E

13.90/11.9 m

320 kg

3210 kg

Technical data:

GN-4047E (Sinoboom GTJZ1212E)

– 13.9 m / 11.9 m – working height inside / outside
– 320 kg – platform load
– Steel platform with dimensions (2.30 m x 1.15 m)


– Retractable balcony 90 cm (3 extension levels)
– Heavy-duty steel safety barriers with opening gate
– DeltaTech control system
– Proportional joystick with battery level indicator
– Battery charging cable connection located at the rear of the machine
– On-board diagnostic system
– 230V line connected to the platform (unsecured)
– Handles for lifting with a crane
– Emergency stop button on platform and bottom panel
– Dynamic hydraulic brakes on the front hydromotors
– Manual brake release
– Manual valve for emergency lowering of the platform
– Sliding trays with machine components
– Skids reducing the ground clearance, preventing the machine from tipping over
– Tilt level sensor with sound signal
– Sound alarm
– Horn
– Hour meter
– The warning light so-like police siren
– Certified weight system in the machine basket


– 24 V DC – set of 4 AGM 12V 300 Ah batteries
– Built-in 25 Amp universal charger (automatic charger)


– Electric, on two front wheels


– Solid, cast, gray non-marking


– Pneumatic line connected to the platform
– Protection of the 230V line connected to the platform (plug, socket, residual current device, electrical measurements)
– Biodegradable hydraulic oil
– Maintenance-free gel batteries, the standard charger is designed to handle both types of batteries
– Work lights on the platform