About us

LiftStore is a family company based in Warsaw.

Liftstore is a family business that cares about building long-term relationships with customers and continuous development of the company. Therefore, quality, credibility and loyalty to our customers are not just empty words, it is our way of doing business.

It employs specialists with many years of experience in the industry. Thanks to their knowledge, we are able to adjust the machines to the individual needs of each client. The knowledge of our experts allows you to reduce the risk of product failure, the frequency of machine repairs, and also allows you to select their best versions. The LiftStore company offers products of renowned brands such as Sinoboom, Manitou, Genie, JLG, KALMAR, LINDE as well as its own constructions.

LIFTSTORE is also a strategic partner of Sinoboom based in Poland. Thanks to a total of over 100 years of experience among our experts, we are able to recognize a good product, which is why we promote the Sinoboom brand throughout Europe.

If we had to choose one word to describe ourselves, the choice would be simple – “QUALITY” is what we strive for and what our customers deserve. With our experience in both selling and renting across Europe, we know what you need and we know how to deliver it.

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