3.80 m

136 kg

34 kg

Technical data:

Genie GH 3.8

– 3.80 m – Lifting height
– 136 kg – Capacity


– One-piece wooden platform
– Platform attached to the cylinder with a butterfly screw
– Compact and easy to carry design
– Foldable machine supports
– Easy-to-release leg lock keeps legs up during storage and extends legs for work
– Preparation for work takes a few seconds and does not require the use of any tools
– Easy-to-operate platform raise/lower valves, located on the patented work control joystick
– Self-lubricating telescope segments
– Brakes on the wheels
– Easy to service


– CO2 gas or compressed air
– Regulator suitable for all sizes of gas cylinders


– Full, non-marking


– Bed for lifting round elements (e.g. ventilation ducts)