12.52 m

227 kg

5.171 kg

Technical data:


– 12.52 m – working height
– 6.78 m – lateral reach
– 4.65 m – clearance with horizontal side reach
– 227 kg – platform capacity


– 1.22 m – length of the JiB arm, vertical range of movement – ​​139°
– Steel platform, 1.42 m wide
– Self-leveling platform
– Hydraulically rotated platform -90°/+90°
– Thumb operated direction button
– Protection against mistakenly driving in the opposite direction
– The design of the arms allows you to maintain a distance from the wall while moving the platform vertically
– Proportional joystick control
– Dome rotation 355° – not continued
– Tilt level sensor with sound signal
– Lift Guard – a system that protects the operator against crushing
– No rear wheeling
– 230V line connected to the platform (unsecured)
– Horn
– Sound alarm
– Warning light
– Movement and driving alarm
– Hour meter
– Certified weight system in the machine platform
– Connector for the Telematic system – preparation for work with the GPS module


– 48 V DC – set of 8 acid batteries 6V, 315 Ah placed in a cassette
– Emergency power supply – 24 V DC
– Built-in universal 30Amp charger (automatic charger)
– Battery level indicator
– Restriction of the machine’s functions when the batteries are too deeply discharged


– Hydraulic on two front wheels


– Full, cast, non-marking


– Steel platform, 1.17 m wide
– Additional barrier around the platform protecting against crushing the employee’s hands
– Pneumatic line connected to the platform
– Protection of the 230V line connected to the platform (plug, socket, residual current device, electrical measurements)
– Working lights – 2 on the platform, 2 on the platform
– Safety package for work on airplanes (foam guard rails + system of deactivation of machine movements at the time of impact with the lower part of the basket (not available in the RJ version)
– Package for work in difficult conditions with high dust²: accordion covers of cylinder piston rods, scraper brushes at the ends of arm segments and cover of the upper control panel
– Biodegradable hydraulic oil
– Cutting off the machine’s work function when the permissible tilt of the machine is exceeded
– Maintenance-free, short-term rechargeable AGM batteries²
– Low temperature power cut-off module
– EX explosion protection for work in gas or dust explosion hazard zones
– GPS module providing information about the location and operations performed
– Upper desktop cover
– Tool shelf