9.57 m

159 kg

371 kg

Technical data:

– 9.57 – working height
– 7.57 – platform height
– 74 cm – width, standard version
– 76 cm – width, off-road version
– 56 cm – width, narrow version
– 159 kg – platform capacity

– Standard platform with drop rail
– Emergency lowering of the platform
– Compact dimensions allow easy movement and passage through standard doors
– Rear frame for tilting the machine (lowers the height of the mast to 2m during transport) – standard in AWP-36 and AWP-40
– Small area of ​​leveling supports
– Tray for storing leveling supports placed in the machine
– Safety lanyard punctures
– Handles for lifting by crane
– Fork slots for forklift transport at the rear of the machine
– Easy loading and unloading system
– 230V line connected to the platform (unsecured)
– Up/down action switch with double activation
– LED system for signaling the correct preparation of the machine for work
– AC – 220V/50-60 HZ
– DC – 12V / 110V / 230V / 50-60 Hz with automatic charging system


– Protection of the 230V line connected to the platform (plug, socket, residual current device, electrical measurements)
– Additional Rough Terrain Pack – AWP-20 only; AWP-25 and AWP-30
– SUPER STRADDLE – adjustable base for working over rows of seats
– Outdoor outriggers for standard platform
– Different sizes of supports
– Warning lighting
– Tool shelf
– Fluorescent lamp container
– Laser platform height sensor (not available on machines with fiberglass platform
– EX explosion protection for work in gas or dust explosion hazard zones